One of the key factors that distinguish a thriving community is its ability to deliver excellent healthcare to every resident and community member in which it serves. If the character of a community is defined by many factors, how well it answers the health care needs of its population is surely one of the most important. Simply put, quality comprehensive health care is a right!​
It is my honor to welcome you to Harry’s Nurses Registry Inc and to share our accomplishments as I marvel at the incredible path we have journeyed for over three decades on behalf of our patients and community.

Our story began in 1991. With a small number of private nurses in the Jamaica area, the newest access to healthcare service provider. In response to the growing need in our community, Harry’s Nurses Registry has grown from its flagship healthcare service provider –Harry’s Nurses Registry, to become one of the most comprehensive private, community-based organizations in the area.

The healthcare system is changing, systems are changing. Despite these challenges Harry’s Nurses Registry, Inc. is moving forward with transformations that reflect the dynamic healthcare service provider and meet the growing needs of our communities most vulnerable. For over 30 years we have demonstrated the ability to overcome barriers, improve access to care and we know this has changed lives for the better. We have worked hard to earn your trust and we appreciate every opportunity we have to take care of you and your family. We will continue to look for new opportunities where we can collaborate and partner to promote wellness and a better quality of life for all.

As the founder and CEO of Harry’s Nurses Registry, Inc. our team commits to you an unwavering dedication to our mission and vision. I’m tremendously grateful for the achievements of our current 110+ employees. Through their compassion, they have created an unparalleled environment for healing. Through their dedication, they are ensuring our ability to adapt successfully to the inevitable changes that lie ahead.

Our goal is to provide quality, comprehensive affordable healthcare to all individuals in a comfortable and safe environment. Harry’s Nurses Registry, Inc. strives to recruit the best nurses available while supporting them with qualified, culturally competent, compassionate staff. We believe the personal relationship between a patient and nurses is the key to quality healthcare. It is our goal to treat all patients with the care and respect we all deserve.

On behalf of our Board of Directors, Volunteers and Staff we say thank you. Rest assured that we will continue to work every day to meet and exceed your expectations.

Harry Dorvilier
Harry’s Nurses Registry, Inc.
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